Metaverse, the next step for DYP!

Check out what the team has planned for you!

As we said in our previous articles, after CAWS minting is over, the next step is a metaverse platform and a V.R. play-to-earn game where you can use your NFT as a companion in your adventure or to check your crypto portfolio.

  • Campaign or Multiplayer and other sections like Inventory, where you will view the warehouse and item inventory collected
  • Credit Store, where you will be able to buy DYP or iDYP for game use
  • News
  • Leaderboard where you will be able to see the players rank and rewards.
  • Mall — here you will have access to different shops and purchase gear, tools, consumable items etc.
  • Forge — you will be able to forge different items
  • Casino — this will be a special place where you will be able to hang out, talk to other players and, of course, play with them different games
  • NFT Marketplace — Players can view different NFTs available and even purchase them
  • DYP Shop — will allow you to access DYP’s products: Buyback, Vault, YieldFarming, Stake DYP, Referral, Bridge etc.
  • NPC — as in non player characters, will be all over the map and you will be able to interact with them and get all kinds of rewards
  • Trade Section — here you will be able to sell or buy different items from other players
  • Advertising Module — this section will be used for showing advertisement banners through the Open World
  • The ability to sense incoming dangers ahead
  • Hearing — the cat can hear noises from far away, such as rocks collapsing nearby or storms approaching
  • Visibility — the cat has night vision and it will help you in the dark,
  • Orientation — the cat can find its way in the mine if you are lost
  • Smell — your cat character will be able to smell toxic gasses and warn you.



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