iDYP Community Allocation and Airdrop Snapshot

The iDYP token allocation for our community is LIVE. If you are holding DYP tokens or using any of our products (Buyback, Farm, Vault, and Stake), you can apply for the whitelist for the iDYP token and deposit one of the supported assets. Users from all the supported chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche) will be able to participate and contribute using assets such as ETH, BNB, AVAX, USDC, USDT, BUSD, and WBTC.

The iDYP token price for the current allocation is $0.20 and the listing price is going to be $0.40. There is no Minimum or Maximum Deposit, that means any amount can be contributed. All the accepted wallets will get iDYP at a 50% rate from the listing price. The whitelist for the community allocation will end on Sunday, the 24th at 15:00 UTC. All the accepted wallets will be able to claim or stake their iDYP tokens after the whitelist ends. If your wallet is not accepted, a full refund will be issued.

The sold tokens for the community allocation will be vested and released in three months. The users eligible to buy the iDYP during this sale will be able to stake them immediately and earn 100% APR. If not, the tokens may be claimed during a three-month period.

As a crucial part of our ecosystem, iDYP will be available on DEX exchanges, such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, or Pangolin.

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About iDYP

iDYP is an excellent investment for DYP holders who wish to get a passive income by using our products. Our new smart contracts will use iDYP as part of novel strategies, adding constant buying pressure on the DYP token and boost the rewards for the farm, buyback, and staking pools.
What is critical to understand is that iDYP cannot work without the native token of our platform, DYP.

Benefits of iDYP

• Increasing yield (by supplying rewards for the farming, staking, and buyback pools)
• No more DYP tokens dedicated to farming, staking, and buyback contracts
• Putting constant buying pressure on DYP tokens for each deposit for the farm, stake, and buyback contracts
• Novel functions in governance
• Community airdrop and allocation for iDYP token
• Launch of new products, such as lending and borrowing

Tokenomics and Community Allocation

The total supply of iDYP will be 300,000,000 and will be accessible for ten years. The ten-year allocation is as follows:
• Airdrop to DeFi Yield Protocol eligible wallets, will know the precise figures after the snapshot and distribution occur
• Initial liquidity on DEX exchanges (Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Pangolin, etc.), will know the precise figures after the launch of the new contracts
• Community Allocation for eligible wallets, will know the precise figures after the white-list process
• 50% of the total supply will be locked on smart contracts and distributed for eligible pool rewards like farming, staking, buyback, vaults, and new products, over the next ten years
• 10% will be distributed to team members and future employees vested for ten years, released monthly
• The rest of the tokens will be left in the DeFi Yield Protocol treasury, locked on smart contracts.

iDYP Airdrop

The snapshot cycle for the iDYP Airdrop will start today, October 18th at 15:00 UTC , and finalize on Sunday, the 24th at 15:00 UTC. The daily average DYP holdings in this week will be considered for iDYP distribution calculations.
For more information regarding the iDYP Airdrop process please read our previous article.

About DeFi Yield Protocol

The DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a unique platform offering solutions for yield farming, staking, NFTs, and enabling users to leverage the advanced trading tools of the DYP. What makes the DYP a unique yield farming aggregator?
The DYP has made history in the DeFi space by becoming the first and only protocol to reward users in Ethereum. The protocol employs an anti-manipulation feature, aims aiming to limit the market impact on users’ converting rewards into ETH and other native platform tokens.
Anti-manipulation targets to keep stability, fair access to liquidity, and supply a secure and simplified DeFi platform for users of all sizes.
The central feature of the DYP is the decentralized tool dashboard. It provides advanced features, including Decentralized Score, Unique Community Trust Vote System, DYP Locker, Yield Farm Data, and LaunchPad, allowing investors to make informed decisions, which maximize yields and reduce risks.

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DeFi Yield Protocol

DeFi Yield Protocol

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