How DeFi Yield Protocol is changing the future in the crypto world.

Discover what DYP has in store for you!

DeFi Yield Protocol: The future is not that far.

  • We will launch new contracts for Yield Farming, Staking, Borrow & Lending.
  • We will create some new products as well, like a Monthly Lottery and a Special Staking Pool for our DYP Tools users. The Lottery will be 100% decentralized only for the DYP Tools users, as well as the users that will buy tickets, and we will give them bonuses from the Special Staking Pool. Using this, we wanna give one more utility for our DYP Tools and to create a sort of revenue for our platform.
  • access to ‘’THE SOCIETY BENEFITS”, meaning each user will receive a share of 10% minting fees that will be redistributed to the other NFT owners.
  • each NFT holder will be able to mint an additional stand-alone watch NFT for free, which will provide additional benefits.
  • a special staking pool will be launched only for CAWS NFT holders.
  • a play to earn game will be launched, in which only CAWS members will have access.
  • a Metaverse platform will be implemented for all NFT owners. This means that the entire DeFi Yield Protocol platform, including all our products, will be accessible in Metaverse if the user owns an NFT. For example, if one of our users would like to get some information about one of our products, he will have two options:
  1. he will find them directly on our website or,
  2. if he owns an NFT, he can use it to log in to our Metaverse platform and find them there.



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