Get acquainted with the man that is behind DeFi Yield Protocol — the one and only — MihaiDYP

Being the DYP Marketing team, we “kidnappedMihaiDYP from his busy schedule and got him to tell us more about how it all began.

Marketing Team: What are the values that guide you in this “Crypto Journey” and how did you decide to start this project?

MihaiDYP: The core values that lead me are: honesty and safety. As in all that we do here, on DeFi Yield Protocol, must be transparent, honest and safe for all our users.

I was very interested in crypto from the beginning:

- I started trading crypto in 2012

- In 2017 I started mining Ethereum and

- In 2018 I decided to expand and I started a company in this domain.

When I created DeFi Yield Protocol, I wanted to do something valuable that would last in time. A project that everyone could benefit from, that would be easy to use and had minimum risks. I think that the most important aspect from my journey in the crypto market is Safety.

Marketing Team: Which is the product that best represents DeFi Yield Protocol and how does DYP stand out from the rest of the DeFi projects?

MihaiDYP: I honestly believe that all our products represent us and, at the same time, they separate DeFi Yield Protocol from the rest. Why do I say this? Because everything that we accomplished was conceived and built by us.

And why do I dare to say that all our products represent us? Because me and my team consider ourselves the final user, and beside this nothing else matters.

Marketing Team: Where do you get your motivation from?

MihaiDYP: This is a good question. I am motivated by both success and failure. Why do I say failure? Because we are also human and we make mistakes but this motivates us to work hard and improve ourselves.

I was really proud that we managed to bring a big number of users to our platform in such a short period of time, but the thing that drives me the most are the mistakes.

When I see that we have 2–3 users that are unhappy, that they want something different, or maybe they notice a problem, then I get that strong motivation that makes me work harder.

Marketing Team: Why do you think people should choose DeFi Yield Protocol and not other DeFi projects?

MihaiDYP: Because DYP is a platform accessible to everyone and managed to achieve high performances in such a short time.

What happens now with DYP is 100% natural and is the result of our strong community. In the meantime, we managed to reach some impressive numbers that are very important to us:

- there are 23.797 users that hold our native token DYP.

- we also have over 5000 users that are using our Staking, Farming, Buyback and Vault products.

- we provide a wide range of products and we are listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Marketing Team: You talk a lot about safety. What kind of measures do you take in order to assure a safe environment for DYP?

MihaiDYP: All our products are audited, because, like I mentioned before, safety is a must for us. For all our products, we have 2–3 audits from big companies like PeckShield, Blockchain Consilium and Certik.

We have NEVER launched a new product without being audited at least 2 times by different companies. In fact, a lot of times we paid more money for audits, then for developing a smart contract, but we did it and we will keep doing it for the safety of our users.

In the end we asked him to share his thoughts with the crypto community about DYP & the crypto market.

MihaiDYP: I would like to thank our strong community for their support! Although DeFi Yield Protocol is a young project, we are proud to say that it is a long-term one with a lot of value on the actual market, with DeFi, NFT and GameFi as main products.

I strongly believe that we are at the beginning when it comes to DeFi, NFT and GameFi, but the best solution for crypto enthusiasts is to look for new projects with a promising future.

This was all for today! See you on the other side!



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