DYP Tools — Improvements for more Efficient Users

People who build a shed need a saw, a hammer, nails, etc. Likewise, users who want to create a better future need financial tools. Making the right financial decisions is not always easy, but with the right tools, people can be guided toward their goals. Decentralized finance may be the future, but people must find everything they need under one roof to help them earn the rewards they deserve. DYP Tools are the instruments people seek to support their decisions, and they just got better!

Even if it is still in its infancy, the world of decentralized finance is enormous, and there are so many options people can use. Exploration is the first part of the process because people need to weigh their options before they commit to one. The first features of the DYP Tools are meant mainly for that purpose: EXPLORATION. People who want to place their funds must take the time to learn pools, pairs, and big swaps first.

Pools are the first that can be explored and filtered. Users can browse through the last 4 hours of the activity based on the token used. It offers many practical details, including the top 10 HOT pairs that have been viewed on DYP Tools, along with their AVAX or ETH price, depending on the network that you choose, and bridged total amount.

Pairs can be used for trading and earning rewards, so keeping an eye on these rates is essential. Every pair comes with a few valuable statistics and charts to follow their evolution easier, as well as the DYP trust score. To avoid outside manipulation, fake reviews, or nasty comments, people who can cast a trust vote are only members of the community who already have that token in their wallet.

Big swaps can also be used to see the preferences of other users. Details can be found for any transaction, such as the pool, swap, price, and pair explorer info. The only way to keep the status of a big swap, every transaction must have a value of $10000 or more. People interested in big numbers should also check out the Top Tokens.

Another helpful feature that is not related to exploration is the DYP Locker. This tool offers users the security they need when it comes to the collapse of liquidity. Not too long ago, people who caught presale deals could get an excellent price for the tokens, and once they were released, they dumped everything for a quick gain. The DYP Locker prevents this disaster and makes it safer for the users.

Practical solutions presented by DYP Tools will guide users to better decisions, but there is always room for improvement. Our team is consistently looking for ways to improve user experience and deliver accurate results faster. This dedication and effort have led to the newest upgrades on the DYP platform:

  • News section where users can stay up-to-date with the latest announcements
  • A new design and a much better user interface to help users find what they need faster and easier
  • Improvements to the DYP locker
  • Optimizations for: pair explorer search engine, trust voting system, contact form, account features.

To prove our dedication to the quality of the user experience on the DYP platform, the team is also working on new chains and DEXs, multi-chain DEX integration, and a few other unique options, including the mobile app.

Users who want to enjoy the full benefits of the DYP Tools can upgrade their accounts to premium. Most people are reluctant to do it because they fear the costs, but DYP offers this option for users willing to buy tokens they can later use for trading. Among the benefits the savvy users will enjoy we can name:

  • Manual research info for various projects that can be accessed at any time
  • New features that are added to the platform before they are released to the general public
  • Guaranteed allocation to presales whenever a new project is released using the Launchpad

Check out the new and improved DYP Tools right now!



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