DYP Tokenomics Update

As you all know, DeFi Yield Protocol has started as a project that offered solutions for yield farming and staking, giving our users the advantage of DYP trading tools and making history in the DeFi space by becoming the first and only protocol to offer rewards in Ethereum.

At the beginning, our project was present only on the Ethereum network, being an ERC-20 token. It’s well known that a lot of people that are involved in the cryptomarket have their own predilections: some prefer the high security of Ethereum Network, other choose Binance Smart Chain for their small fees, and last but not least, some prefer the high speed of transactions that Avalanche Chain has to offer.

Due to our number of users that is constantly increasing, we decided to expand our project to Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche Chain, creating a Bridge that offers more freedom and allows our users to move their assets from one network to another, according to their preferences.

And this was only the beginning. We recently have implemented support for BEP-20 and C-CHAIN allowing our users to trade DYP tokens directly on a Centralized Exchange.

Let’s be more specific. Before this, our users could transfer their DYP tokens from one network to another only using our bridge service and transfer them to a Centralized Exchange for trading. But now, things have changed. Due to this new upgrade, our users can deposit their DYP tokens directly on the CEX and start trading, no bridge required.

The first exchange where we implemented this new support is Gate.io and by doing this, we finally fulfilled the request of our users and we offered a more accessible and easier method of trading DYP.

With the adoption of this new support for BEP-20 and C-CHAIN on Gate.io and also with the diversification of our services, some small modifications appeared on DYP tokenomics. By implementing this update, on all the available networks, ERC-20, BEP-20 and C-CHAIN, our users can see in real time the exact circulating supply of DYP tokens.

We will keep you posted with more information on the subject. After all, transparency and safety is the best way to describe DYP.




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