DYP and ANKR — Evolution that Cannot Be Stopped

Evolution is one of the things no one can stop. As a result, life forms have evolved biologically into better versions, and technology follows the same trend. Web3 is the next step of evolution for the online environment, and developers need the solutions to set solid foundations for this new world. Tech skills and scientific knowledge seem to be the cornerstones required for this new evolutionary stage, but ANKR offers a better alternative for this trend.

The Evolution of the Web Since Its Conception

People are unaware that a little over three decades ago, the internet as we know it did not even exist. Then, in 1990, while working at CERN in Switzerland, the foundations of this new concept were established, and a group of scientists developed HTTP, HTML, a browser, a server, and the first website. Then, at the beginning of 1991, they released the browser to other institutions, and in August 1991, it was released to the general public, marking the beginning of an era.

Web 1.0 is considered by most the period between the initial release in 1991 up to 2004. During this time, the internet was made up of mostly static pages created by a tiny number of developers, while most internet users were content consumers. They did not contribute much to the online community and mostly used the internet to find information about topics they were interested in. They did not have the tools to help them either.

Web 2.0 is the period that started in 2004 and continues to this day. People can contribute to the online environment in this age of the World Wide Web. They can add photos, videos, content, and anything else they can think of. This change is primarily due to the tools they have available. They have devices that record quickly, templates that can be used to create sites, and they no longer require tech skills and scientific knowledge to post content online.

Web3 is the next step of evolution, and the transition has already begun. This era is marked by concepts like blockchain, decentralization, and token-based transactions. It is still in its infancy, but it grows in popularity daily, and many businesses have already incorporated Web3 technology into their existing web presence to keep up with the evolution. However, users feel that a complete transition is difficult due to their lack of knowledge and skills.

In 2004, people adopted Web 2.0 as soon as they had the tools to contribute to the online community because it was easier. The next step to Web3 is challenging due to the lack of such instruments, but ANKR strives to change that. They offer the tools people need to change the way things work online.

Why should people rely on the existing solutions when they can create their own? ANKR tools allow people to build their blockchain, customize it in any way they see fit, and develop features that will improve their activity. It is easy to incorporate elements no other blockchain has, improving the transaction speed, lowering fees, and taking the user experience to the next level.

The web world is constantly changing, and users must stay up-to-date. Therefore, start-ups and new projects should rely on ANKR as a launch partner. In addition, established projects can incorporate this technology for better user experiences. Shifting to Web3 technologies will offer the business better scalability, flexibility, and high-security solutions.

DeFi Yield Protocol is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers a range of products on Ethereum, Avalanche, or BSC. We strive to take the user experience to the next level and make the world of decentralized finance available to everyone. It is not an easy task, but users will understand and make the most of cryptocurrency through our helpful tools and valuable partnerships.

DYP TOOLS allow users to explore many pools, pairs, and swaps that lead to rewards. Partnering with ANKR is the next step in evolution because the ANKR application programming interfaces power DYP Tools. People who rely on these features will have instant access to accurate multi-chain data, allowing them to trade faster for better rewards.

Do not get stuck in the past! Evolve! Trade! Launch new projects and enjoy the benefits offered by DYP and ANKR!



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