DeFi Yield Protocol vs other staking projects

The DeFi Yield Protocol is developing a unique platform that allows anyone to provide liquidity and to be rewarded for the first time with Ethereum. The main difference between DYP and other staking projects is that we offer a completely different platform with unique features like:

DYP Anti-Manipulation Feature
DeFi Yield protocol aims to change the way decentralized finance is perceived by ensuring equity in the control of funds on its platform.
A major concern by DeFi critics is that whales have the power to take control of a DeFi network. DYP takes care of this concern by integrating a DYP anti-manipulation feature that ensures that the rewards from supported tokens (DYP/ETH, DYP/USDC, DYP/USDT, and DYP/WBTC POOL) are automatically converted from DYP to ETH at 00.00 UTC.
In addition, rewards are automatically distributed to liquidity providers on the platform in a fair and transparent manner. Thus ensuring that no whale would be able to manipulate the price of DYP to their advantage. This after all is the major purpose of decentralized finance. Also if the price of DYP is affected by more than -2.5 then the maximum DYP amount that does not affect the price will be swapped to ETH, with the remaining amount distributed in the next day rewards. After seven days, if they are still undistributed DYP rewards, a governance vote will be held on whether the remaining DYP are distributed to token holders or burned.

ETH Mining Pool
The core feature of DYP is going to be the Ethereum Mining Pool. This will help all the miners, and at the same time, the DYP token holders. Ethereum miners can join the DYP Ethereum mining pool with 0% fees. Also, five million DYP will be distributed to miners as an incentive to join the pool and grow the DYP platform over a period of time. Users can also stake their crypto assets to earn DYP via an automated yield farming contract.

DYP Earn Vault
The DYP Earn Vault is an automated yield farming contract that allows users to deposit a particular token, for which the protocol automates yield farming strategies by moving providers funds between the most profitable platforms. Of the profits, 75% is converted to ETH and distributed to the liquidity providers, while the remaining 25% is used to buy back our protocol governance token in order to add liquidity.

All the rewards are paid in ETH
The rewards from supported tokens (DYP/ETH, DYP/USDC, DYP/USDT, and DYP/WBTC POOL) are automatically converted from DYP to ETH at 00.00 UTC.

DYP is fully backed by an Ethereum Mining Farm with a 35 GH/s Hashrate

DYP Governance
By holding DYP, you will be able to use DYP Governance and vote to add additional liquidity staking pools, burn tokens, or allocate DYP toward grants, strategic partnerships, governance initiatives, and other programs.

All the smart contracts are audited before use and the staking pools use the Anti-Manipulation Feature
DYP token contract security audit reports by PeckShield and Blockchain Consilium + QuickScan and Security Oracle from CertiK Foundation

DYP staking and governance security audit reports + QuickScan and Security Oracle from CertiK Foundation