DeFi Yield Protocol Staking and Governance Smart Contracts

On the 27th of November, we had the Staking and Governance contracts ready, with 3 days before our deadline. Please visit our Github page if you would like to take a look at the contracts:

The staking contract has 1203 code lines, while the governance contract has 482 code lines. We have run tests on Rinkeby network between 18th of November, and 25th of November in order to assure that everything works.

We need to focus a lot on security to avoid attacks such as flash loan attacks, a lot of projects suffered from this attack, so the security of smart contracts is going to take the first place. Currently we work with PeckShield and Blockchain Consilium on the security audit of our smart contracts. The first company started the security audit 3 days ago, and it is supposed to be ready within two weeks; the second company need it 2 days to do a workload estimate first for our contracts, today they informed us that they can start the security audit on 7th of December with a deadline between 15th of December, and 17th of December.

Once the security audits are ready we will end the Crowdsale and add the liquidity on Uniswap ASAP (within a couple of hours), in the same time the Staking will be available on our website. Until then we have a lot of more to do for our project and community.

The next feature that is going to be launched is the Ethereum mining pool Whitelist with the DYP Referral.