Cats and Watches Society is on FIRE!

Great news for all CAWS holders. DeFi Yield Protocol is launching a super cool 2D platformer Web Game where you will enter a mysterious land full of adventures. Players will be able to choose one of ten different cat characters that are inspired from CAWS NFTs.

Using your cat character, you will need to avoid all kinds of obstacles and dangerous situations (hot lava for example) testing your skills.

This 2D world will look like a Pyramid with 10 levels, each one more challenging than the last, where you will be able to collect watches or other cool stuff to increase your score and to show everybody that you are the best cat on the block.

Your mission will be to release the kittens that are locked in the cage at the end of each stage. In order to succeed, you will need to trick the super rat that is present on each level. Players must be very careful because they will have only 5 lives, not 9, like a cat in the real world (wink, wink).

This game will be available exclusively to CAWS holders. Players will be able to connect their Metamask and a check will be made on frontend to see whether they hold CAWS NFT. If their CAWS NFT balance is greater than 0, they will get access to the game.

All players will get to create a username for their wallet address. Their wallet address, username and score will be stored on a server and top 100 scores will be displayed on our leaderboard page to honor all our CAWS top champions. This way you will be able to check out the competition at any time.

By connecting their wallets, players will also be able to save their game and score and return to the game picking up where they left off.

Top players will be rewarded with prizes and will be eligible for CAWS giveaways and all kinds of other super cool awards.

We are developing this fun game for modern desktops and mobile browsers, including metamask mobile browser so that you will have the opportunity to play anytime and anywhere!

This 2D Game will be released in the next two or three weeks and it will be separate from the VR play2earn game that is currently in development.

This is our way of thanking the community for their support and giving them the opportunity to have some fun with CAWS and win cool prizes!



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