Our LaunchPad will provide access to high-quality crypto projects. DeFi Yield Protocol LaunchPad brings new token offerings to market, and users will participate in primary token offerings as per their staking, farming balance, or DYP Tools premium subscription.

Key Features

  • Mandatory smart contract audits by a top-tier auditor
  • Know Your…

DeFi Yield Protocol has chosen the highly capital-efficient KyberDMM DEX to boost DYP token liquidity on Avalanche, with $300,000 in $DYP and $KNC liquidity mining rewards.

KyberDMM (Kyber Dynamic Market Maker) is an innovative and capital efficient DEX protocol that enhances liquidity with amplified pools, and optimizes returns for liquidity providers with dynamic fees.

On top of the main ‘Rainmaker’ liquidity mining campaign on the Avalanche network (~$5.8M in rewards), the Kyber community and KyberDAO have…

DeFi Yield Protocol

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