2022 — a Year Full of Challenges and Results

Milestones are essential for any project. The start of the year is usually enthusiastic when team members are energized and ready to tackle uncharted territories and discover things they never thought of before. However, at the end of the year, a team must draw the line, look back at all the challenges it faced, and focus on its achievements. A thorough analysis will provide answers, establish progress, and set a course for the future.

What is the first thing anyone thinks of at the beginning of a new year? After 365 days, people should emerge at the other end as a better version of themselves. Regardless of how small, progress must be made, and no one should be stuck in the same place where they were when they started. Every challenge, experience, and milestone will allow people to get closer to their goals.

We, at DYPIUS, are fully involved in our project and believe that we have what it takes to help users understand and wield the instruments of the crypto world to their benefit. We have created an ecosystem facing the future, educating our users and offering tools to help them master the crypto world. At the beginning of the year, we could boast many achievements, but that does not mean we should have sat back and gone with the flow.

The constant need for progress has fed our need to improve, and we have raised the bar. However, we can never achieve our full potential without pushing the limits, so we never rest. That is why we use groundbreaking solutions to improve the user experience in the crypto world. Let’s look at some of the things we have achieved during 2022 and how much we progressed.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are an essential component of the crypto world, so one of the first things we did at the start of the year was to launch the Cats and Watches Society NFTs. But what is an NFT without a playground to use it in? So we continued to create the CAWS Adventures 2D game to familiarize users with the digital universe. In addition, launching the DYP Vault smart contracts was a significant step in the right direction.

A few other improvements marked the second quarter of 2022. Launching the new smart contract for DYP Staking marked the crowning of all the efforts made up until that point. The user interface was also upgraded for the main website and the dApps to ensure a smoother flow between the significant points of interest. Since the Cats and Watches Society cannot be overlooked, a staking pool was launched for the NFTs, and users were introduced to the play-to-earn NFT concept.

The second half of 2022 was marked by many other events that targeted different areas for growth and expansion. DYP Tools was among the first targets because this allowed users to tap into the full potential of the crypto world. Our products have also expanded to other chains to offer users even more possibilities to earn rewards. We also incorporated a legal entity for upcoming regulations for decentralized finance.

In the tech department, the efforts of our specialists were crowned by the launch of dedicated apps for Android and iOS to facilitate user access to the platform resources. In addition, the idea of creating a Metaverse starts to take form, and the project embraces the concept of evolving and rebranding to encompass all the new additions.

Conquering new grounds is always exciting and rewarding. However, while the digital world is the center of our activity, we do not turn a blind eye to real-life adventures. That is why we supported a navigational challenge with the Nemo Racing team, a test of skill on the tarmac during the Racebox event, and a hypnotic musical experience at the Deep Forest Festival.

Attending SmartCon 2022 was a groundbreaking experience that opened the door to new possibilities. Based on that experience, we forged solid partnerships with SWFT and ANKR to deliver a better and more efficient user experience. In addition, we have extended the list of exchanges where the DYP tokens were listed, among which we can name Coinbase, Huobi, MEXC, etc.

Toward the end of the year, we took other significant steps to improve our solutions. For example, the rebranding process is complete, and DYPIUS is now the better version of DeFi Yield Protocol. In addition, the DYP Tools have been upgraded, the news and pool explorers are cutting-edge, and every other function has been taken to the next level.

The Metaverse has grown like a seed in the ground, from a simple idea to a beta version of a complex RPG where users can connect with others and play to earn rewards. This game will be a cornerstone for the crypto world, and people can use its features to transpose their traditional businesses into digital form. Those who seek to test the game are welcome to apply for the lists. However, only 500 users will be selected for the task.

Looking back at 2022, we can say it has been a fulfilling year. Of course, our adventure had its ups and downs, but with every challenge we met, we overcame it and emerged on the other side enlightened. Now we look to the future and set new milestones for 2023. An enthusiastic start from a fantastic team will always lead to excellent results!



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